Expose the beliefs that hold you back so you can stay naturally motivated to achieve your goals and dreams and avoid setbacks in 30 days or less.


When it comes to achieving your goals and dreams and creating positive change in your life, do you find yourself...

Struggling to stay motivated?

Getting pulled back into old habits and patterns?

Questioning if it will work for you?

Wondering if you’re doing it right and when will it “happen” for you?

Feeling stuck despite working hard?

Not getting the results you were promised?

If you said yes to any of these important questions, then the next few minutes could be a game changer for you.

According to Scranton University, 92% of people fail to achieve their goals.


They know what they want, they just find it hard to stay committed to achieve it. 


They know what to do, but they find actually doing it can be a daunting process.  


They believe that it’s possible for them but don’t understand why it’s not happening. 


All of this leads to frustration, confusion and doubt which drains precious energy necessary to keep moving forward.


If any of this describes where you’re at right now…  or totally describe someone you know…  I get it.

Goal-setting formulas don’t actually work (and they never did)

If you’re like me, you probably read all the books, listened to the CDs, watched the videos and went to the seminars on personal development, goal achievement and success motivation. 


And even though you were motivated, hopeful and took action on what you learned, results were fleeing if at all.


So what are the 8% doing? 


The answer lies within your own nervous system!


More specifically, in learning and appreciating how your brain deals with creating change and how you can start communicating with and guiding it more effectively. 


Dr. Matt Mannino

Your guide to living your ideal life!  I live the principles I teach which have enabled me to live and pursue my passions as I continually challenge myself to release my full potential. I would be honored to help you live yours! 

Setting goals used to stress me out

Talk about motivation.  I graduated from Chiropractic school $80,000 in debt with no formal business training. 


Add to that, I had to borrow another $20,000 to start my business.  I was highly motivated. 


The problem was that it was fear based motivation not excitement based. (I’ve come to learn that it’s better than no motivation at all!)


I realized that my success or failure was in my hands. 


So, as I stated earlier, I tried every goal setting formula that I could get my hands on.  You know the ones:

Write your goal down and make it “BAHG” (Big Audacious Hairy Goal)

Take action

Course correct

Take different action

Sometimes it worked, most of the time it didn’t.

So I started digging deeper because I realized I had to be missing something and I was tired of leaving things up to luck, hard work and perseverance.


So I looked to the area that I just spent four years studying and new controlled everything in regards to motivation, drive, focus and creativity; the human nervous system.  What I realized changed everything.


 What I learned and applied along this journey of discovery helped me become debt free in 3 years and build a multimillion dollar Chiropractic business in under 5!


And the good news is that your nervous system holds the key to your success as well!

There Are Two Missing Links No One is Talking About

You see you have 2 minds; the surface-conscious mind and the sub-conscious mind. 


The surface-conscious mind is what you’re using right now to read and contemplate this information. 


Your subconscious mind pretty much does everything else. (you’ll learn exactly what that is)


The Important thing is to understand your two minds have completely different operating systems. 


Consequently, they have very different , agendas and priorities. 

Surface Conscious Mind

The goals of your surface-conscious mind are growth, change and doing or having something bigger and better. 

    Subconscious Mind

    The goals of your sub-conscious mind are safety, security and keeping things status quo.

      So the first missing link in creating immediate, permanent and meaningful change is that your two minds have to be in agreement.  This means you must have a belief (sub-conscious) that what you want (surface-conscious) is attainable.


      The second missing link is that since your sub-conscious mind is controlling 95% of everything you think, say and do then it better feel SAFE with the change you’re wanting to make.  If not, you will unconsciously repel and resist the very thing you say you want.


      Both of these psychological states; incongruency between your two minds and a threatened sub-conscious, will result in an unpleasant neurological condition called cognitive dissonance.  Cognitive dissonance is at the root of all “self-sabotage”.


      Bottom line: The only reason you don’t have what you want right now is because your sub-conscious mind doesn’t think it’s safe for you!

      This is your invitation to join us…

      The 30 Day Breakthrough

      With Dr. Matt Mannino

      • Week 1: INTRODUCTION

        Learn The # 1 reason why you don’t have what you want…  And how to get it

        • What is a “breakthrough”, why is it so important and how do you know if you’ve had one?
        • How to course correct from breakdown to breakthrough
        • Aligning Your minds to create positive life change and growth
        • How to shift your brain from the destructive “default” mode to the constructive “design” mode
        • How to observe negative thoughts and emotions and not participate in them
        • How to handle the inner critic of self-doubt, self-criticism and self-acceptance
      • Week 2: CLEAR

        Diffuse the negative energy that’s threatening your sub-conscious, stressing you out and holding you back

        • Where do thoughts come from and why are they mostly negative?
        • The true underlying cause of fear, procrastination and second guessing and how to eliminate it
        • How to break free from your self-imposed mental success ceilings
        • What is your hard wired stress response and how to make it work for you
        • How to quickly prepare your mind for any physically and/or emotionally demanding situation
      • Week 3: CONNECT

        Open up the communication lines between your head and your heart (surface-conscious and sub-conscious) to effectively and efficiently transmit and receive information

        • How to hear and translate the secrets of your heart
        • 8 ways to expose your “limiting” beliefs
        • Deconstruct the 4 walls of your mind prison and retrain your brain for success
        • The true purpose of your emotions and how to use them for personal revelation and growth
        • How to heal your heart from past memories and find freedom, peace and truth
      • Week 4: CREATE

        Stay focused, productive and motivated as you manifest your true hearts desire and live the dream

        • How to stay on track when life derails you
        • How to avoid falling back into the same old negative patterns and destructive cycles
        • How to do what you know you need to do and not what you shouldn’t
        • A foolproof method to change habits
        • How to seamlessly incorporate daily success rituals and practices that ensure forward progress
      • BONUS Week 5: MAKE IT HAPPEN!

        • Learn groundbreaking science and strategies of creative manifestation to experience a new reality
        • How to accept and embrace the cause and effect relationship between you and your life
        • How to see every outcome in life as a learning opportunity; a gift for self-discovery and growth
        • How to become a vibrational match of the thing that you desire most so that you attract it
      • BONUS MODULE: FINANCIAL BREAKTHROUGH; The Neuroscience of Wealth Creation

        • How to switch on the moneymaking centers of your brain

        • Tap into your inborn wealth nature

        • Overcome and upgrade your subconscious wealth set point

        • 3 Steps to shift your prosperity consciousness, abundance mentality and money mindset

      “This was life giving, life-changing.  I’m forever grateful.  Dr. Matt is truly the real deal.  I can finally begin to live and be me!!”

      Anita Whitacre


      I realize you’ve probably heard all this before.  But here’s what I know for sure.  If you have a nervous system, this class will work for you!

      I created this program for those who have been around the block with personal development and are still struggling to get the results they’ve been promised.

      You’ll finally be able to experience a step by step process, based on neuroscience, to engage your autonomic nervous system to support and drive you towards achieving your next goal instead of unconsciously resisting it.

      No baseless formulas and outdated concepts, just a straightforward principled based approach loaded with techniques and processes designed to help you retrain your nervous system for safety and success!

      If this is your first experience with personal development, good for you!  You’re starting above the fray of unmet expectations and unkept promises that taints this industry.  If you’ve been there and done that, even better!  This time’s the charm, I’ve got your back!

      Join me in The 30 Day Breakthrough and get on the fast track to big results!

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      “This course unlocked many things for me that have held me back for years and this approach has equipped me for a lifetime of additional growth.  I am so fired up about my future!  Thank you, Dr. Matt for sharing your passion with us.”

      Jason Hooley

      “I express my heartfelt gratitude for tremendous breakthrough in every area of my life.  Thank you for your contribution into the lives of countless people.”

      Pastor Karen Burkhalter

      “I loved it!  I have an understanding of how the subconscious works.  This has enhanced my personal growth to a new level.  What I learned and experienced will help me in my everyday life.  Thank you!”-

      Michelle Keating

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